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Technical Diving Courses

Curso de Buceo Tecnico PADI Tecrec: Tec40 Tec45 y Tec50TECHNICAL DIVING is defined as the diving which surpasses the conventional limits from the recreational diving. It includes at least one of this points:
  •      Deep superior to 40 metres.
  •      Necessary decompression stages.
  •      Diving in a confined environment over the 40 metres from the lineal entrance.
  •      Accelerated decompression and/or the use of variable mix of gases during the dive.

Due to the fact that in technical diving, the direct access to surface in case of emergency is unreachable, the tec divers use new methods and techniques, and increase their formation to manage the added risks. Certainly, even all these things, tec diving has more risk, initial danger and shorter critic mistake chains than recreational diving.

Tec is the “extreme” part from diving and it´s practised by divers with enough experience and formation to go deeper than in recreational diving.

Tec diving is characterized by the use of more equipment and by the formation requirements to manage the additional risks that this equipment implies.

Tec diving is not for everybody, but for those who hear the challenge call, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer. Tec diving is not restricted to thepeople who take high risks. It is just an easy and a logic option to the adventure diver.

Book now any of our tec diving courses PADITecRec: Tec40, Tec45, Tec50






¿Why would I wish to become a tec diver?

Tec diving is more dangerous and it requires more effort, more discipline and more equipment. Tec diving is not for everybody, and you could be a finest diver your whole life without doing a tec immersion.

Once said this, there is a group of people who want to visit underwater sites which relatively only a few people could. For example, lots of spectacular wreckages are much deeper than 40 metres. Some people enjoy the challenge that tec diving requires, others love learning about this avant-garde techniques. Each one has its reasons which make tec diving so satisfying for them.


With us, as a PADI IDC5* and PADI TecRec center you can also reach the tec instructor levels. For more information, visit us in . Sign up for our tec diving courses and enjoy learning. ASK FOR INFORMATION NOW!

Continuing with, we develope you all our tec diving programs so you can learn step by step.


tec rec centrePeople interested in tec diving that does not meet the requirements to access to the 45 or 50 tec diving courses yet, can take the 40 tec diving course. It is the first step of PADI Tec Deep Diver, and it consists in 4 dives. 

tec rec centreThe PADI Tec 45 course starts where the Tec 40 finishes. It increases the depth and your formation as a technical diver. This course is the second subdivision from the PADI Tec Deep Diver course. It consists in other 4 immersions of technical training, where oxygen at the 100% will be used to accelerate the decompressions and to have no limit of decompressive time.

Curso PADI Tec 50, buceo tecnicoEl curso Tec 50 Este curso completa tu primera fase en tu formación como buceador técnico, dejando atrás los límites del buceo recreativo, y consiste en otras 4 inmersiones de entrenamiento técnico con multiples gases descompresivos.


En este curso familiarizaremos a los bueadores técnicos con las destrezas, conocimientos, planificación, organización, procedimientos, técnicas, problemas, peligros y disfrute del buceo con doble botella correctamente montadas para inmersiones en Sidemount, montaje lateral, que es el montaje preferido para la entrada en cuevas.



tec trimix diver2Este nuevo curso le abre a las ventajas del trimix a los buceadores TEC50 (o equivalente).

Después de finalizar este curso, los buzos ya certificados están capacitados para hacer varias inmersiones con paradas de descompresión que emplean EANx y el oxígeno para la descompresión acelerada, con cualquier mezcla trimix con un contenido de oxígeno del 18% o más (normóxico), hasta un máximo de 65 metros de profundidad.



Para el buceador extremo preparado para seguir explorando el mundo del buceo técnico profundo, el gas elegido es el trimix– una mezcla de oxígeno, helio y nitrógeno.

PADI Tec Trimix Diver te lleva a los límites extremos del buceo técnico profundo, abriendo la puerta a sitios de buceo intactos que pocos buzos si acaso alguno han visto nunca.

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