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Recreational diving courses

Recreational  diving courses


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The CENTRO ESCUELA DE BUCEO MOJACAR is a IDC 5* PADI diving center, the highest level in diving teaching worldwide. We impart diving courses  for all range of levels, since the initiation to the highest professional PADI level.

 The diving center counts on the presence of an equipment of diving instructors  who will make you learn all the necessary knowledge so you can enjoy this wonderful sport in a funny and secure way.

Our teaching program is not based on time, but on objectives. In this way, when you finish your course, you are able to do all the exercises without any help. During the course, you'll always be accompanied by very experienced instructors with a lot of time of work on their backs.
To go on with, we detail you each PADI learning program. Stop waiting and reserve your place in any of our courses.


curso de buceo niños padi bubblemakerThe Bubblemaker program introduces scuba diving as an activity that allows children to experiment the underwater world playing.

Under close supervision of our professionals, children dive with a tiny bottle in shallow confined water - it's fantastic !!.


Seal Team - Master Seal Team

Curso de buceo niños sealteamThe PADI Seal Team is the scuba diving course for children from 8 years of age, offering these children the opportunity to dive and experiment the adventure of diving playing and having fun.

It also provides parents a structured program that allows their children to develop skills, learn about the underwater world, and obviously have fun.


Bautismos de Buceo - Discover Scuba Diving -DSD

Bautismo de Buceo en Cabo de gataHave you ever wondered what it feels breathing underwater?

With this program our professionals will guide you through the wonderful underwater world without the need of previous experience.

In the safest way you will discover the fascinating underwater world. What are you waiting for?, you can do it !!!


PADI Scuba Diver

Curso de Buceo Scuba Diver
It is the most basic, short and cheap diving initiation course. It has a duration of 2/3 days and once you get this title you will be able to dive whenever you want and anywhere in the world up to 12 meters deep and always accompanied by a PADI instructor.

If your dream is to became a diver, get yourself a weekend or a couple of days and come and enjoy it with us.

PADI Open Water Diver (OWD)

CURSO DE INICIACIÓN AL BUCEOThe "OPEN WATER DIVER" diving initiation course is the most popular in the world, once you get the level of PADI Open Water you can dive whenever you want and anywhere in the world without the need to be accompanied by an instructor, in addition this course  has a duration of only 4 or 5 days.


PADI Adventure Diver

padi adventure diverIf you already have the PADI Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent, and you want to have new adventures diving under the direct supervision of an instructor and learn more of what you love so much, you can become an adventure diver.

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